3.11. Convenience Instructions

Similar to the 6800 compatibility instructions (pragma 6800compat) these pragma 6809conv and pragma 6309conv enable convenience extensions to the 6809 and 6309 instruction set. Originally intended for compatibility with the MACRO-80c assembler, these have proven useful in large codebases that target both the 6809 and the 6309.

The 6809 extensions are straightforward with the exception of "TSTD" which assembles as "STD -2,S". A benefit of using these is they will "just work" and take on their 6309 equivalent when you enable 6309 assembly mode. Supported instructions: ASRD, CLRD, COMD, LSLD, LSRD, NEGD, TSTD.

6309 extensions are based on common patterns described by Chris Burke and Darren Atkinson in their 6309 documentation and include the following instructions: ASRQ, CLRQ, COMQ, LSLE, LSLF, LSLQ, LSRQ, NEGE, NEGF, NEGW, NEGQ, TSTQ.