2.5. Intel Hex

This ASCII format consists of a series of CR+LF terminated "records" of ASCII text. Each record has the following structure: a start-of-record character ":", a two-digit ASCII hex byte count, a four-digit ASCII hex address, a two- digit ASCII hex record type, an optional sequence of two-digit ASCII hex data values, and a two-digit ASCII hex checksum. The LW tool chain issues only 00, and 01 Intel Hex record types. Data records are limited to maximum of 16 data bytes in length, and paragraph alignment of addresses is favored. The address sequence of the Intel hex records directly follows that of the source file; multiple ORG directives in the source code may result in out-of-sequence addresses in the Intel Hex output.

Intel Hex format is the other standard ASCII format accepted by most memory device programming equipment, it and the Motorola S-Record format are used for similar purposes.

LWASM can output this format since version 4.10.