2.2. DECB Binaries

A DECB binary is compatible with the LOADM command in Disk Extended Color Basic on the CoCo. They are also compatible with CLOADM from Extended Color Basic. These binaries include the load address of the binary as well as encoding an execution address. These binaries may contain multiple loadable sections, each of which has its own load address.

Each binary starts with a preamble. Each preamble is five bytes long. The first byte is zero. The next two bytes specify the number of bytes to load and the last two bytes specify the address to load the bytes at. Then, a string of bytes follows. After this string of bytes, there may be another preamble or a postamble. A postamble is also five bytes in length. The first byte of the postamble is $FF, the next two are zero, and the last two are the execution address for the binary.

Both LWASM and LWLINK can output this format.